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The right Time, the Moon and the Wood

Wood itself is an alive material created by the nature. Even if cut down wood still lives further.

Concerning to the cutting period can get the same wood dry fast or slow, remain heavy or become lighter, become wormy or protective against wood parasites.

The answer to all those questions is to be found in the nature.

All people were in former times living in harmony of nature's and lunar rhythm. Also trees were cut down considering phases of the moon.

There are 4 moon phases: invisible, increasingly, full and waning. The combinations of these phases and the zodiac bring different effects as well since the moon goes through all the zodiac signs during a single month.

Nowadays is for economical reasons nature set aside.

Kiln drid wood is preferred to natural seasoning. And that not only for cabinet making but unfortunately also for instrument building; in a week about will be wood which has been cut down in any season ready for violin making. The only wood that will be still cut down in the right moment is that one suitable for heating because otherwise will be never combustible. Wood that just won't burn have been cut at the wrong moontime when filled with sap. If moon wanes sap descendes. Because their sap is low, plants lose less energy. This wood is referred to as moon-cut or lunar wood.

Are those "fire" woods more valuable than others used in instrument making? Unfortunately for many people they are: kiln dried wood for musical instruments offred as tonewood covered with strong chemical paint on both sides to prevent cracking during oven drying. What can acustically speaking this died wood offer to an instrument maker? ... and what can the instrument maker using such a wood offer to a musician?


Our company prefer to come back to origins and try to offer quality tonewoods which are treated as a natural product like wood should be.

Trees are cut down from Autumn to Winter in the waning moon ( the period of time after the full moon) and the worked pieces follow a strict natural seasoning in our storehouse in the Alps thanks to the natural mountain climate. To prevent cracking are planks covered with parafine and when dried carefully selected one by one with utmost care.


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